Write a better bid

with Dorothy Walker

Dorothy Walker - bid writer and editor

Bringing out the best in every bid

Dorothy's bid services include:

  • Acting as editorial adviser to plan the production of a polished, highly professional bid;
  • Collaborating with specialists to ensure their competitive messages are powerfully expressed in the bid through interviews, mentoring, clinics and workshops;
  • Writing bid copy and re-writing copy from a range of contributors;
  • Reviewing responses and demonstrating to the authors how their drafts can be improved to answer the questions more effectively;
  • Training busy professionals to be better writers through tailored courses;
  • Producing guides and manuals to assist in-house bid writers and technical authors;
  • Summarising detailed proposals to help every reader understand the benefits;
  • Editing submissions to enhance their compliance, consistency and readability;
  • Conducting bid audits to evaluate the effectiveness of the written material, and recommending how quality can be improved.

New ...

Write a Better Bid in New Markets
Dorothy's bespoke workshop helps bidders to build upon their strengths and sharpen their writing skills as they prepare to compete in today's new markets.

Clients say...

"I am immensely grateful for your hard work and firm direction in keeping us on a straight pair of tracks."

"Now that the storm is over, I wanted to express a huge thanks for all your help. It is thanks to your hard, good and proactive work that we managed to get our text in order, in time, and that our designs 'read' as attractively as they look."

"By reading this I clearly got the sense that all project details have been well thought out."

"Your comments are excellent and extremely helpful."

"You have been a very valuable member of the team and once again it was a joy working with you."

"It reads really well!"

Proud to be a member of London Chamber of Commerce