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Dorothy Walker - bid writer and editor

Compliments from clients

Extracts from some recent thank-you letters ...

"A key strength for this submission was Dorothy Walker, who took on a far bigger role than bid editor in working long hours to gather the individual responses into a structured and integrated answer to the questions."

"My comments are simply that this is excellent. I wish I could have written it myself."

"Many thanks Dorothy for doing such a good job at such short notice. You can go back to enjoying your holiday now!"

"Can I say how impressed I am with your grasp of such a complex issue in so short a time. Well done."

"It has been a pleasure to have you working with us again."

"Having worked on numerous projects with Dorothy, I can highly recommend the quality of bid writing and the added value that she provides."

"Now that the storm is over, I wanted to express a huge thanks for all your help. It is thanks to your hard, good and proactive work that we managed to get our text in order, in time, and that our designs 'read' as attractively as they look."

"The text speaks directly to the reader in a very lively way."

"Can I thank you personally for all your help and support in taking the bid text from nothing in reality to where we are tonight."

"This is simply excellent! It is put in simple terms and it brings out all the key benefits. The designs come across as really functional, fresh and exciting."

"You did a great job and it was a joy working with you!"

"I am immensely grateful for your hard work and firm direction in keeping us on a straight pair of tracks."

"By reading this I clearly got the sense that all project details have been well thought out."

"Your comments are excellent and extremely helpful."

"You have been a very valuable member of the team and once again it was a joy working with you."

"It reads really well!"

(The testimonial comments are all email extracts from clients. Identities remain confidential.)

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