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with Dorothy Walker

Dorothy Walker - bid writer and editor

Bylines and business experience

Dorothy Walker has been a professional writer for 17 years. She was voted National Newspaper Technology Journalist of the Year and has contributed to The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, Evening Standard and Mail on Sunday. She has been a regular columnist for the Times Educational Supplement and wrote a science and technology column for Saga Magazine.

Dorothy is author of Education in the Digital Age, a front-line report on the impact of IT in education. She is a member of The Society of Authors.

Her early career was in financial IT in the City of London. She has extensive experience of writing sales and marketing copy.

Dorothy holds a degree in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, University of London.

Clients say...

"Having worked on numerous projects with Dorothy, I can highly recommend the quality of bid writing and the added value that she provides."

"The text speaks directly to the reader in a very lively way."

"Can I thank you personally for all your help and support in taking the bid text from nothing in reality to where we are tonight."

"This is simply excellent! It is put in simple terms and it brings out all the key benefits. The designs come across as really functional, fresh and exciting."

"You did a great job and it was a joy working with you!"

Proud to be a member of London Chamber of Commerce