Write a better bid

with Dorothy Walker

Dorothy Walker - bid writer and editor

Practical help, every step of the way

Dorothy Walker brings award-winning journalism skills to her role as a bid editor and writer.

She helps bid teams to raise the quality of their written proposals, making certain their winning messages shine through in a highly professional submission.

Typically she works hand in hand with contributors during the course of a bid, advising and mentoring as well as writing and editing.

Editorial expertise

When every word counts, Dorothy adds an extra dimension to a skilled bid team - an experienced journalist who can focus on developing clear, concise messages and convincing copy, on time.

Successful track record

Dorothy has worked with winning bidders on major bids and tenders including complex, high-value proposals for Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts and Government franchises.

Up to speed - fast

The national Press is the most testing of training grounds, and Dorothy knows how to come up to speed quickly on new projects, rapidly mastering the important details and capturing the essence of products and ideas.

Dorothy is an independent specialist based in the United Kingdom.

Clients say...

"A key strength for this submission was Dorothy Walker, who took on a far bigger role than bid editor in working long hours to gather the individual responses into a structured and integrated answer to the questions."

"My comments are simply that this is excellent. I wish I could have written it myself."

"Many thanks Dorothy for doing such a good job at such short notice. You can go back to enjoying your holiday now!"

"Can I say how impressed I am with your grasp of such a complex issue in so short a time. Well done."

"It has been a pleasure to have you working with us again."

Proud to be a member of London Chamber of Commerce